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Moving Tips

Whether you are having friends help you with a move or you’ve hired a moving company, these tips will help get you started! As a moving company we make your move more smoother and simpler. So choose wisely to identify your needs prior to moving by yourself or have a moving company take liability to deliver your goods.

Packing for a Move

Separating essentials from none essentials for easy access is important when looking for everyday items. Those things could be towels for the next day or batteries for your electronics. Your laptop and cellphone chargers should also be placed in your essentials bag. Pretty much anything you would need to have available for next 3 days will go into your essentials bag.

Your Breakables

Your valuables should be wrapped in something soft like a towel or using bubble wrap. Breakables usually include your fine China dishes, glasses, pictures, and anything that can be scratched or broken easily. Socks are often very good for wrapping items like stemware and glasses. Just make sure you wash your socks before you do that.

Label Everything

You do not want to be looking for your household goods without knowing what’s inside. Make sure to label your boxes on the outside for the items you have inside of it. Labels should be on the sides of the boxes, so when you stack your boxes you can clearly see what the box contains.

Label by Rooms

Label boxes for the rooms that they are designated for. When unloading your moving boxes, make sure you place your boxes in the rooms they are designated for. This saves time and reduces stress when moving!

Pre Clean

Before moving to your new home, make sure to visit, clean, and restock all your daily necessities like toilet paper, bath towels, and dish ware.  Does this prior to your move so you don’t have to worry about having basic needs met.


Powder cosmetics can be ruined and damaged during your move. You can place a cotton pad to protect your cosmetics. Even if you are not moving, it is good idea to place cotton pads to protect your make up from breaking up.


Make sure to use things use like Press’n Seal” to keep your drawers and jewelry boxes from opening and  to protect your valuables from scratches.  This will prevent minor scratches while your household goods shifts during the move.

Small Items

Ziplock bags are good at keeping small items together during your move. You can also use tape to attach your ziplock bag to the inside of the box to save time and keep household goods together.

Wires, Wires everywhere!

Make sure to snap a photo with your smartphone of how your cables are setup with your electronics, so you don’t have to remember where each wire goes.

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