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Do you need to auto transport
your car across country?

U.S. National Movers works with a selected national pool of professional auto transporters that specialize in getting your vehicle or car shipped across country or from state to state in a safe and efficient manner. U.S. National Movers offers the lowest car transport prices nationwide, while keeping our car transporting standards and professionalism high. We have special expertise in cross country car transports across the United States and are here to help reduce your stress all through your move.

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Direct Door To Door Transport Services

Recognized as the highest-caliber car shipping service, U.S. National Movers will help you efficiently transport your car and ease your load when moving across the country. With our auto transport service, you can avoid spending extra time having to move your vehicle to a designated drop-off location or grabbing it at a designated pick-up location. When moving your family across the country, the last thing you need is more to-do’s on your list! This convenient service transports your car directly from one door to the next.


When you need to move your car across the country, U.S. National Movers provides the premier “door to door” shipping service that saves you time and money! Simple & Secure Car Shipping, Direct to Your Door!

Insurance is included in the price and your vehicle is covered bumper to bumper up to $100,000 depending on the carrier. Coverage for enclosed trailers are higher.
We offer enclosed shipments, accommodations for inoperable and modified vehicles, and top load guarantees. If you would like to request these services, please contact us before placing your order.
If you require a guaranteed pickup date, please contact a Car Shipping Advisor and we will be happy to accommodate your request.

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